i am an author

One of my professors at school challenged us to call ourselves authors throughout the duration of this course. It has always been difficult for me to view myself as such, there seems to always be criteria that I haven’t met, or things I don’t know, and I feel wildly unqualified to label myself as an author. But I accepted her challenge and worked on introducing myself as such and including author on my personal list of accomplishments. Not a week after beginning this journey, I received an email from the Birmingham Arts Journal. I had sent in a poem back in November, and they want to publish it. I immediately began to cry ugly tears in my living room. There was sense of joy and overwhelming accomplishment that flooded over me as I realized my name was going to be in a published journal. Being published, however, isn’t what makes me an author. Having the confidence and desire to write whatever comes into my mind, put words on pages, and share them with those around me…that’s what makes me an author. What’s crazy is, if you’re reading this you’re probably an author too. So add it to your introduction. You’ll be surprised at how true the statement is. Hello, my name is Jess, and I’m an author.

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