Things that spark joy….,.

sometimes my depression and anxiety really drag me into a rut and it’s hard for me to get out. But one thing my therapist taught me was the importance of genuine gratitude and remembering the things in life that bring you joy. So enjoy my list of things that bring joy to my life on a daily basis.

  • thunderstorms
  • doggy cuddles
  • fresh flowers
  • cutting fruit
  • finishing a good book
  • a hot cup of coffee
  • a cold glass of water
  • thrifting a pair of pants that fit perfectly
  • waking up a couple minutes before your alarm
  • cooking
  • family dinners
  • making new friends
  • a new braid set
  • a good twist out
  • cartoons
  • cinnamon rolls
  • chicken tortilla soup
  • waking up and hearing the birds sing
  • walking in the snow at night
  • painting
  • wring poetry and music

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