unlikely friends

The story of how Gwen came into our homes is kind of a doozy. A friend of ours couldn’t keep her cats anymore and needed someone to foster until she could find a good home for her. Hailey and I looked at each other and immediately agreed. We had been playfully discussing bringing a catContinue reading “unlikely friends”

international woman’s day

Happy International Woman’s day to every single woman out there. Sometimes it’s hard being a woman, but I wanted to use my platform to address any woman who may stumble upon this blog post today. I know you’re tired sweetie. I know you’re probably overworked, and you might even feel underappreciated. But know that everythingContinue reading “international woman’s day”


A seemingly uncontrollable feeling. It seems that no matter what you do, how much planning, or overtime, good energy you put into the universe, positivity you surround yourself with its not enough. We’ve been stuck in this pandemic purgatory for a little less than a year now, zoom meetings and mask wearing have become ourContinue reading “overwhelmed”

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