A seemingly uncontrollable feeling.

It seems that no matter what you do, how much planning, or overtime, good energy you put into the universe, positivity you surround yourself with its not enough.

We’ve been stuck in this pandemic purgatory for a little less than a year now, zoom meetings and mask wearing have become our norms and I’m overwhelmed.

School is overwhelming, assignments seems arbitrary, professors seem heartless, and pre-set academic goals seem pointless.

Work is monotonous, money is fleeting, bills are pilling up and….

I’m exhausted.

I want to enjoy life but it seems like I’m stuck in a cycle I never asked to enter in the first place and there’s no way out.

Go to school

get a degree

go into debt

get a job to pay off your dept





Give your emplyee’s a break, give your students a break, give your coworkers, friends and family memebers a break.

We’re overwhelmed.

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