unlikely friends

The story of how Gwen came into our homes is kind of a doozy. A friend of ours couldn’t keep her cats anymore and needed someone to foster until she could find a good home for her. Hailey and I looked at each other and immediately agreed. We had been playfully discussing bringing a cat into the home but the opportunity hadn’t yet presented itself. When Cyd brought Gwen home we were a little worried about how she would fit in with the dogs. Nova and Joplin are both so high energy and playful and the trope of cats not liking dogs has been painfully true in our experience. But Cyd said that Gwen interacted with the dogs in the house just fine so we were confident that things would be okay, at least until we found her a good home.

It took Gwen less than a week to get acclimated to our home, the dogs and our house life she fit right in. Gwen came into our home as a foster pet, but after seeing how quickly she fit in with our family we couldn’t possibly let her go. She has brought a warmth into our home that everyone loves. Gwen, Joplin and Nova are three peas in a pod. They play together, sleep together and get along so well it’s crazy. It’s hard to imagine what life was like in our home without her. As I’m writing this she’s cuddled up on my wrists making typing quite difficult but I don’t even mind.

The picture above is the regular sleeping arrangement for Gwen and Nova. It’s funny how the assumption that cat’s and dogs can’t be friends kept us from bringing another awesome family member into our home for so long. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, and the friendships and relationships that will help us the most are right in front of us. Gwen, Nova and Joplin are best friends and I am so happy that Gwen became apart of our family.

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