the eye

Below this photo is the scrambled ranting of my mind after our professor showed us this picture and then had us write about it for 10 minutes. I hope you enjoy it, I hope it’s thought provoking and I hope it makes sense.

by Hipgnosis: Thorgerson and Powell

They can’t hide. The overbearing eye seems them in both their physical and emotional nakedness. Balancing on the balls of their feet, hovering over the rocks and hiding the most delicate parts of themself from the sight of the unwanted. Piercing green eye breaks the blue sky and creates an uncomfortable feeling for the individual perched there. The feeling of vulnerability that you can not run from, the feeling of being caught in your nakedness.

They feel the only option is to cower, burying in the sand or running are off the table because that would require action. Those who fear vulnerability and visibility fear and cower in the face of action. There seems to be no other choice but to cover yourself until the threat passes.

A single eye piercing into their very naked body can only be a threat. There is no possibility of friendliness coming from something so willing and able to make another so obviously uncomfortable. It does not blink or change it’s gaze, instead the singular gaze of vulnerability it latches itself onto the poor unfortunate soul. Their legs are taut, the muscles in their calves screaming after being forced to hold such a strong but fragile position for so long. How long do they wait? They eye seems fixed. Will they wait for the eye to disappear or will they gather the courage to move out of the line of sight. Or do they now become a fixed point in time along with the eye. Cowering in fright, infront of the unblinking eye for all eternity.

Or is it fake. It the eye simply a physical manifestation of their deepest insecurities of constant self scrutiny and judgement. The consistent worry and fear and self doubt slowly building up and eventually leaking into our plan of existence, creating a personal hell for this fragile individual. Isn’t that just what hell seems to be though? Our inner fears and personal anxieties teased up and manifested into physical realities, real enough to stop us in our tracks. Naked or not.

How would you react to the eye? Would you cower in fear, becoming immobile for eternity representing one inability to make a choice. Would you face it boldly. Staring it down, forcing it to move away or even cower at your stare. Or would you run. And if you run, would you look back? Or would you run, keeping your gaze locked on the horizon running until you know their is no way it can see you. Hoping it can’t see you anymore.

I would run.

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