soul work: self love

I had a hard time coming up with what I wanted to write for this post. Like some of the other posts on my blog, this topic came at the request of my professor. The problem is, while I have been trying very hard recently to connect with myself and my soul recently, I have a hard time transferring what my brain is thinking onto the computer. But the best thing one can do is try their best so that’s what I’m going to do.

For me, working on my soul means expressing self love. I’ve always struggled loving myself in the right ways. I think its a combination of feeling like sometimes I don’t do enough to deserve love and also feeling like “well I just don’t have time I’ll do it later”. So I recently came to the decision to just do it. To just love myself. Sometimes I wait so long to do things for absolutely no reason and I realized almost too late that I can’t do that anymore. I’ve been going through a serious personal low recently, and if anyone is in need of some self love its me.

I took myself on a date the other day. I geuniely can’t remember the last time I did that. I got dressed and put on a cute outfit, did my hair and makeup, packed a bookbag with snacks and my painting supplies, and headed out. I took the blanket out of my car and set up a little picnic for myself at College Green and painting while listening to some music for a good 2 hours. I have never been so relaxed! The weather was perfect and it was just so nice to spend some good quality time with myself. After the park I went a got boba before I headed home. It was a wonderful date and I wrote in my journal afterwards talking about how I need to spend more intentional quality time with myself. I spend a lot of time and effort making sure those around me are okay and taken care of, and sometimes I loose myself. But I am determined to love on Jess in the ways that she needs and wants to be loved on.

I’ve also been doing some intense spiritual revitalization in my life. I have always enjoyed being a spiritual person, but along with my self love, my spiritual life had taken a backseat. Which really sucked because my spirituality is a huge part of who I am. I have gotten back into doing my research, a daily tarot pull and guided meditation every morning and I already notice a difference in my days. Starting my day of with good intentions and calm really has an affect on not just my day but my being as well. I can sense my spiritual walk affecting how I interact with people I care about, people at work, and even with myself. I encourage anyone who is struggling with their soul and self love to get into spirituality. That kind of connection is unmatched and I can really say without a doubt that it has had profound affect on not just my day to day but my soul.

I also learned that its important to love yourself in not just your own love language, but all the love languages! I thought that I only wanted to be loved through words of affirmation and physical touch but there are so many other ways that you can love yourself. I’ll give some examples because I know sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas on your own. (I struggle with that a lot

Words of affirmation: write yourself a nice letter and read it out loud, say nice things about yourself to yourself in the mirror in the mornings to start your day.

Physical touch: Go get a massage, take a bath or nice shower, a mini at home spa day

Gifts: get yourself something off your wishlist (if you can afford it, buy it~ you’re allowed to spoil yourself)

Acts of Service: if you have the energy, clean your home or car. take the trash out or cook yourself a nice meal

Quality Time: take yourself on a date doing something you enjoy! Bookstore, picnic, movies, or even dinner. Don’t be afraid to do things alone.

Love yourself ladies and gentleman, I promise you deserve it

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