random poetry

I have decided to add a new blog segment called random poetry (that name is a work in progress). I’m just going to be going through old journals and pulling out old poetry and writing a little blurb about what the poem is about. I think it will be a fun look into my past mind.


They each chose a part to focus on.

you can see them,

see the music.





everything together to make that one song,

each feeling their own part


seeing colors and patterns inwardly connecting to create one vibrant moment

So this poem was inspired by me watching my friends listen to music. Listening to music is such a beautiful activity that I don’t think we take the time to appreciate enough. It affects everyone just a little bit different and it was interesting to watch how they felt the music.

How does music make you feel? What kind of music is most inspiring to you? Drop some artists, I love listening to new artists!

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