guest blogger: Na’veh

Today we have a guest post from fellow blogger Na’veh who’s blog @thebloggingsofv is full of through provoking poetry and art that challenges and stimulates the mind of its reader on a regular basis. The poem below is one that I related to on a spiritual level as loneliness and mundanity seem to be constantly creeping around every corner. If you would like to connect with Na’veh more and experience her poetry and writing on a more personal level, you should check out her Instagram @thewritingsofv

The loneliness pandemic | Harvard Magazine

It isn’t being alone that scares me,

but feeling lonely that causes fear. 

With my moods swinging from side to side,

my mind is attacked from the inside. 

A mental tug of war where I’m afraid

of the outcome if the opposed were to

succeed. It’s as if the pain I feel— the pain

that has been caused— is responsible for the apparent separation between myself

and hope. Everyday is a motionless routine,

silently battling demons and wallowing in a puddle of my own despair.

Loneliness is no

longer just a word, but a state of mind that

places fear in my heart. Where is my solitude,

this feeling of self-love and self-awareness, to

remind me of who I am? Where is my epiphanic

moment where I’m reminded of my worth?

Perhaps, one day, loneliness and I will end our

battle and there will be no more of either one of us. 

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