5 ways to Protect Your Peace — H.O.E.

I stumbled across this blog today and this post could not have been better timed. Kaillaby wrote an extensive post on the best ways to protect your peace and I appreciated every word that she laid out on her blog. Sometimes as women we spend so much time worrying about others and those around us,Continue reading “5 ways to Protect Your Peace — H.O.E.”


Derek Chauvin, the murderer of George Floyd, has been found guilty of unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter as of 5:30 p.m. today. When I heard the news, I released an audible sigh of relief. I watched a video on Twitter where a group of protesters changed a sign that read “Justice?” toContinue reading “guilty”

the mirror of erised

So through quarantine I have been making my way through the Harry Potter series, as of recently I had not read a single book or seen a single movie and I thought it was about time to see what they hype was about. In book one, Harry stumbles upon the Mirror Of Erised hidden deepContinue reading “the mirror of erised”

Things that spark joy….,.

sometimes my depression and anxiety really drag me into a rut and it’s hard for me to get out. But one thing my therapist taught me was the importance of genuine gratitude and remembering the things in life that bring you joy. So enjoy my list of things that bring joy to my life onContinue reading “Things that spark joy….,.”

what’s in a name?

my name is Jessica. My name toped the baby name charts as one of the top 5 babygirl names of 1999, the year I was born. Ever since I was a kid I always thought my name was remarkably unremarkable. There were always at least four other girls in my classes with the same name,Continue reading “what’s in a name?”

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